Fusarium NRPS/PKS


A resource for catagorizing the Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases and Polyketide Syntases of newly sequenced Fusarium Genomes.

What it does:


The Fusarium NRPS/PKS BLAST service has been created by Frederik Teilfeldt Hansen of the NANORIPES research center of Aarhus and Aalborg University, Denmark. For support and questions as well as submition of new sequences, contact me on: fth@mbg.au.dk




If used please cite:


An update to polyketide synthase and nonribosomal synthetase genes and nomenclature in Fusarium. Hansen, F. T.; Gardiner, D.; Lysøe, E.; Romans-Fuertes, P.; Tudzynski, B., Wiemann, P.; Sondergaard, T., E.; Giese, H.; Brodersen, D. E., Sørensen, J. L. Submitted to FUNGAL GENETICS AND BIOLOGY, Published: 2014


Quick guide to polyketide synthase and nonribosomal synthetase genes in Fusarium. Hansen, F. T., Sørensen, J. L., Giese, H., Sondergaard, T. E., Frandsen, R. J. N. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY Volume: 155 Issue: 3 Pages: 128‐136 Published: 2012


The BLAST software is created by SequenceServer:


Priyam A., Woodcroft B.J., Wurm Y in prep. SequenceServer: BLAST searching made easy http://sequenceserver.com


Thanks to Andreas Bøggild for technical assistance.



This comparative BLAST service is designed to allow Fusarium researchers to sort and catagorize the NPRS and PKS genes of newly sequences species or isolates. It's a simple BLAST against a database consisting of either excised Adenylation domains (A) or Ketosynthase (KS) from the following species; F. graminearum (two strains), F. verticillioides, F. solani, F. culmorum, F. pseudograminearum, F. fujikuroi, F. acuminatum, F. avenaceum, F. equiseti, and F. oxysporum (12 strains).


To use the service, click the link and paste in an amino acid sequence in fasta format and select either "A" or "KS" domain or both. Click blastp and if the sequence in question has a known orthologue it should yield a very low BLAST score.


PKS and NRPS genes from sequenced Fusarium strains can be amended to the system by sending the sequences to: Jens Laurids Sørensen (jls@bio.aau.dk) or Frederik T. Hansen (fth@mbg.au.dk).


For more detailed information on the underlaying data see this paper and the supplementary pictures below.

Supplementary pictures

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